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Paul Cheneour

Paul Cheneour

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your package with great CD, book and First Offense publication and for your letter with such kind comments on my playing and music, really appreciated! Just very pleased and glad you can hear what I’m saying with the flute!

I’ve been able to listen to your CD and really like all the influences and flavours you are exploring and playing with, of which, there are many. For me it has a rich medieval quality! I also particularly like both speaking voices and all the studio devices that you’ve used, I’d also add, great sax, clarinet and flute playing!

I’ll have more time to digest the book and publication after this hectic phase launching the ZBB album In Your Head.. and when the mini tour is over! Then I can give it more attention and deliver my thoughts.

With warm wishes Paul~

Paul Cheneour

www.redgoldmusic.com & www.zenbicycleband.co.uk & facebook.com /zenbicycleband

Paul is a world renowned flautist who has had tours in many countries and has made numerous CDs with a wide variety of highly talented musicians. His playing, on many different flutes, and compositions are of a unique and brilliant quality.

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